My professional background

Born in 1970, I have studied CS at the University of Kaiserslautern from 1989 until 1996. As a founding member of the Unix-AG I came in contact with Linux very early in its life, and I have been (among other things) a Linux admin ever since. I also had the chance to improve my knowledge of my favourite subject, computer security and cryptography, for example by taking part in the RSA-129 project.

After completing my studies I worked for different companies as web application developer (mostly Java), systems and network administrator, and consultant.

In my private life I developed an interest in P2P networking (like Freenet or MojoNation), until in 2013 I came across the latest combination of my interests: BitCoin.

Since then I have published an eBook on the subject, and I have become involved with various promising next-generation cryptocurrencies, in particular with BitShares. Among other things, I have mined ProtoShares from day 1 and I publish Linux packages for several cryptos as well as for BTS and its derivates through SUSE's Open Build Service.

In December 2014 I joined a team of volunteers to upgrade ProtoShares to the BitShares codebase using the DPOS consensus mechanism. I have done the neccessary changes in the core client, and added a few additional things like an automated list of seed nodes or a method for claiming genesis balances without disclosing private keys.

Additional information:

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